When it comes to Hawaiian vacations, Maui is one of the most popular destinations, and for good reason. Maui is full of tourist activities both indoors and out, and provides spectacular views from nearly every location. Maui is a popular vacation spot for families and honeymooners alike, and offers something for everyone. This romantic getaway spot also offers plenty of options for families with children. There are over 120 miles of coastline on the island, as well as several unique environments in Maui’s interior.

One of the most popular tourist activities is a luau. This Hawaiian feast offers delicious food, including traditional Hawaiian dishes and exotic fusion cuisines, in addition to amazing entertainment, including fire dancing, a Samoan display, or hula dancing, which originates in Hawaii. The delicious buffet almost always includes roast pork, sometimes cooked in the traditional manner of an underground oven. Many of the largest hotels host their own weekly luaus to give tourists a taste of island life.

When vacationing in Maui, or indeed anywhere in Hawaii, don’t forget to leave plenty of time for the beach. On Maui, enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling to sneak a peek at the unique underwater life, including tropical fish, coral, and manta rays. Want to see the underwater life without getting wet? Schedule a submarine adventure. Other ways to enjoy the waves include swimming, surfing, and jet ski rentals. There are a number of specialty tours or cruises designed to offer you a unique view of the island and surrounding waters. Whale watching, for example, is particularly popular between the months of December and April, when these beautiful creatures may be spotted off the coasts of Maui.

Away from the beaches, explore the mountainous regions of Maui by helicopter or by Jeep. Visit the Oheo Gulch, also known as the Seven Sacred Pools. Located in Hana, this series of waterfalls and pools empties into the Pacific Ocean. According to legend, swimming all seven pools from start to finish will bring you good luck.

Maui is easy to explore thanks to the Hana highway, with runs along the entire east coast of the island. Other amazing views can be seen by hiking or biking along one of the many trails in Maui. Besides the breathtaking views, you’ll also get a chance to spot the unique flora and fauna that make Maui such an amazing place to visit. Maui is characterized by a diverse range of climates and environments created by its pair of volcanic mountains, ranging from lowlands to forest to rainforests filled with exotic species of both plant and animal life.

There are inarguably thousands of amazing views from Maui, particularly along the coastline, though the best sunrise view is said to be on Haleakala crater. Haleakala last erupted in 1790; you can still see the lava flows on your visit to Maui. One of the world’s highest mountains, it measures 5 miles from the seafloor, and rises to 10,000 feet above sea level. For sunset, head to Lahaina, where you’ll find a street of shops and restaurants and a wharf, from which sunset cruises and whale watching journeys often depart.