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What Traditional Hawaiian Dishes with Teriyaki Sauce Are Common at Luau’s?

A Hawaiian feast, or luau, typically features a wide variety of fish and meat dishes with wine and entertainment. Though many people feel that entertainment is necessary for a modern luau, the food is actually the most important and traditional aspect. There are a number of ways to prepare traditional luau dishes and many of [...]

Luau Foods

Though many modern luaus stray from traditional luau cuisine, with menus incorporating such varied foods as macaroni salad and sushi, many large luau events still adhere to more traditional culinary choices. Many of these traditional luau foods have been eaten in Hawaii for centuries. When visiting Hawaii, be sure to attend a luau party for [...]

Top Five Ways to Build a Shish Kabob

What Middle Eastern-style meal would be complete without skewers of grilled shish kabob? While its name still evokes the exotic locales of places such as Turkey and Arabia, shish kabob spread across Asia to Europe, America and Australia, becoming a truly global dish.
Every shish kabob cook has his or her own favorite recipes, but here [...]

Top Three Things to Look at Before Paying for a Luau

Anybody going to Hawaii for the first time is almost guaranteed to have a luau on their “things to do” list. It’s a great way to be introduced to Hawaiian customs and culture, as well as to meet new people on vacation (believe it or not, you will probably bump into these people several times [...]

Truly Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce Makes Local News

We were very fortunate to have made The Good Morning Show on WFMY News 2 last week.  In preparation for the Superbowl, there was a story on how to prepare chicken wings (actually a couple of them).  In this video, Chef Barry Moody was explaining a few sauces that could be used on the wings [...]