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The Symbolism of Hawaiian Leis

A lei is a beautiful necklace or wreath usually made of tropical flowers, though there are also versions made of rare shells or other materials. The most popular choices for floral leis include orchids or the Plumeria. Both are large, fragrant blossoms.
Leis are an ancient Hawaiian custom; Captain Cook saw Hawaiians wearing leis in 1779, [...]

Flowers and Plants of Hawaii

It is no wonder that so many people choose to take their vacations in the paradise of Hawaii. Known for its natural beauty, the islands are home to many fragrant species of tropical flowers. The exotic blooms of these species are an instantly recognizable Hawaiian symbol; these blossoms have been used in tattoos, weddings, and [...]

The Symbolism of Hawaiian Leis

Leis are one of the most recognizable symbols of Hawaii. This beautiful hand-woven wreath is usually made of tropical flowers, though it may also be made of shells or other materials. Flower leis are most often made of orchids or plumeria. Both varieties are known for their large, fragrant blooms.
The lei-giving custom was first observed [...]

Hawaiian Flowers

It is no wonder why many people vacation in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, known for its extraordinary beauty. Hawaii is home to dozens of exotic plants and animals, including many species of fragrant tropical flowers that have become an immediately recognizable symbol of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii’s most popular flower species are used in [...]