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Visiting Hawaii: What to Do on the North Shore of Oahu

With hundreds of islands and over seven hundred miles of coastline, the state of Hawaii features some of the most beautiful and pristine locations in the world. For a family looking for a little bit of everything on their next vacation, Hawaii can be the perfect place to visit. But, unless they know where they’re [...]

What Traditional Hawaiian Dishes with Teriyaki Sauce Are Common at Luau’s?

A Hawaiian feast, or luau, typically features a wide variety of fish and meat dishes with wine and entertainment. Though many people feel that entertainment is necessary for a modern luau, the food is actually the most important and traditional aspect. There are a number of ways to prepare traditional luau dishes and many of [...]

Visiting Maui

Maui is among the top vacation destinations in Hawaii, and for good reason. The island offers countless activities for tourists, both indoors and out, as well as spectacular views from nearly anywhere on the island. Maui boasts over 120 miles of coastline with sparkling blue waters, as well as many unique inland environments. This popular [...]

The Symbolism of Hawaiian Leis

A lei is a beautiful necklace or wreath usually made of tropical flowers, though there are also versions made of rare shells or other materials. The most popular choices for floral leis include orchids or the Plumeria. Both are large, fragrant blossoms.
Leis are an ancient Hawaiian custom; Captain Cook saw Hawaiians wearing leis in 1779, [...]

Flowers and Plants of Hawaii

It is no wonder that so many people choose to take their vacations in the paradise of Hawaii. Known for its natural beauty, the islands are home to many fragrant species of tropical flowers. The exotic blooms of these species are an instantly recognizable Hawaiian symbol; these blossoms have been used in tattoos, weddings, and [...]