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Visiting Hawaii: What to Do on the North Shore of Oahu

With hundreds of islands and over seven hundred miles of coastline, the state of Hawaii features some of the most beautiful and pristine locations in the world. For a family looking for a little bit of everything on their next vacation, Hawaii can be the perfect place to visit. But, unless they know where they’re [...]

What Traditional Hawaiian Dishes with Teriyaki Sauce Are Common at Luau’s?

A Hawaiian feast, or luau, typically features a wide variety of fish and meat dishes with wine and entertainment. Though many people feel that entertainment is necessary for a modern luau, the food is actually the most important and traditional aspect. There are a number of ways to prepare traditional luau dishes and many of [...]

Luau Foods

Though many modern luaus stray from traditional luau cuisine, with menus incorporating such varied foods as macaroni salad and sushi, many large luau events still adhere to more traditional culinary choices. Many of these traditional luau foods have been eaten in Hawaii for centuries. When visiting Hawaii, be sure to attend a luau party for [...]

Contemporary Vs. Traditional Luau

The traditional Hawaiian feast now known as the luau dates back hundreds of years. Before the reign the Hawaiian King Kamehameha II, men and women in Hawaii were not allowed to eat together. After abolishing this law in 1819, he held a symbolic feast with women invited. At this feast, King Kamehameha served a traditional [...]

Five Little-Known Hawaiian Foods

When you talk Hawaiian food with just about anyone, you’ll mostly be speaking of pigs or fish. There’s an off chance that a person who has been to Hawaii will have partaken of some poi or other traditional dish, but for the most part not a lot of people have experienced the true range of [...]