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Truly Hawaiian lands its first BIG gourmet grocery chain account

Our first cutting took place on April 10, 2009.  Within two weeks we had a deal to begin selling our sauce.  The Fresh Market (based in Greensboro NC, with over 90 locations in the eastern US and as far west as Louisiana and Illinois) would become the first store to carry Truly Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce.
In [...]

What’s a cutting anyway?

In layman’s terms, a “cutting” in the food industry is when a vendor brings samples of his wares to the buyers to, well, sample.  In our case, we planned an elaborate mix of some of our favorite teriyaki dishes to show off our sauce.  The menu consisted of chicken, spare ribs (my personal favorite!), vegetable [...]

Major Chain Interested in Start-up Truly Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce

In February of 2009, as my son and his soccer team began preparing for their spring season, one of the other dads, a corporate level decision maker for a large grocery chain (yes, I’ll reveal their identity soon!), and myself began preparing a team of our own.  It would be a team that would hopefully [...]

The First Customers of Truly Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce

Late in December of 2008, we had our bottle and label ready to go.  We began calling and emailing our friends to let them know we were open for business.  We sold several dozen bottles in the first few days.  We thought, “OK, that’s nice, but will they be back or can we move beyond our [...]