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Major Chain Interested in Start-up Truly Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce

In February of 2009, as my son and his soccer team began preparing for their spring season, one of the other dads, a corporate level decision maker for a large grocery chain (yes, I’ll reveal their identity soon!), and myself began preparing a team of our own.  It would be a team that would hopefully [...]

The First Customers of Truly Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce

Late in December of 2008, we had our bottle and label ready to go.  We began calling and emailing our friends to let them know we were open for business.  We sold several dozen bottles in the first few days.  We thought, “OK, that’s nice, but will they be back or can we move beyond our [...]

“If you sell it, I’ll be your first customer!”

That has been a common refrain from our friends over the years as we gave away our family Teriyaki Sauce as gifts during the holidays.  It wasn’t until December of 2008 when we finally began taking them seriously.
I’m not sure there was really an exact “Ah Ha” moment, it just sort of developed as my [...]

Truly Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce is launched!

Aloha and Mahalo!  This blog has been started in an effort to tell our story.  And it’s quite a story.  Of course you can read about my Dad and my Paw Paw (Hawaiian for Grandfather) when you read the  Truly Hawaiian story on our site.  But this blog is about how my siblings, my children and our friends [...]