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Truly Hawaiian, LLC, Joins with The Fresh Market to Introduce New Teriyaki Sauce

For Immediate Release
September 15, 2009
Sam Kanakanui, Managing Partner
Truly Hawaiian, LLC
5710-K High Point Road, #165
Greensboro, NC  27407
Phone: 800-928-4196
Family recipe for more than 100 years to be carried in all The Fresh Market store locations.
Truly Hawaiian, a Greensboro, NC—based company, is bringing its first product to market through an agreement with The Fresh Market. A new [...]

A Day in the Park

If there is one thing you absolutely do not want to miss when you make a trip to Hawaii, it is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This huge park includes two of the most majestic sights in the entire United States, the volcanoes of Mauna Loa (the largest in the States and one of the largest [...]

Respect Hawaii

In its ancient past, one word ruled Hawaiian life. That word was kapu, which is the Hawaiian equivalent of the Polynesian word “taboo.” Taboo, of course, means forbidden. In Hawaiian culture, many things were forbidden (such as walking on the volcano, eating with women on the beach, or touching a chief) and breaking these rules [...]

Three Best Ways to Eat Cheap in Hawai’i

While hotel and air fares are the biggest one-off expenses you will incur on a Hawaiian vacation, staying fed is what may really eat into your budget. You don’t have to eat out at restaurants every night, though. Here are some of the best ways to save money on food on your Hawaiian vacation.
Cook it [...]

Food Math? How a 30 oz Teriyaki Sauce Recipe Becomes a 300 Gallon Recipe

After locking up our co-packer with an agreement not to share our recipe, we began the process of converting our “kitchen size” recipe to a “commercial size” one.  But it wasn’t going to be as simple as multiplying.
First, while they were able to use the brands we were used to for some ingredients, for other [...]